New look, same yogurt.
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New look,
same yogurt

We’ll never change what’s inside.

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Fighting for happily ever after

Happily ever after is not a fantasy. You can find it on a plate, or in a bowl. You can slice it in half, or lick it off a spoon. We believe in the power of good food—to better ourselves, our communities, and our planet. It’s how we choose to fight for happily ever after.

Universal Wellness

Our mission is about physical wellbeing, social wellbeing, and environmental wellbeing. It’s not about creating a perfect world, but about what the world could become if everyone is eating three healthy meals a day, if they are paid fair wages, and if they live in communities focused on generosity.

New Packaging

We’ve got a new look, but we’ll never change what’s inside. It’s our way of spreading a little extra joy in the dairy aisle. Enjoy all the favorites you know and love—still full of the same delicious goodness—just dressed to impress.

Community Focused

Whether it be our family of employees, the residents of towns where we make our product, or our faithful fans—a community grows stronger when a burden is shared, when the haves help the have-nots, and when a spirit of giving and selflessness becomes the standard.

Chobani New Product Packaging


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